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Breakfast for Learning E-Newsletter: December 2015


“We have one particular student whose attendance and attitude was poor. After his first day at the program, I noticed that he wasn't eating anything. I asked him why he wasn’t having any food and he said that he couldn't afford it. I told him that he didn’t have to pay and to help himself. The look on his face was priceless; he couldn't believe it. Now he has regular attendance and his attitude towards school is much better. He is getting good grades and a full belly thanks to Breakfast for Learning.”Rockwood PS Photo 1 (edit).jpg

 -Nutrition Program Coordinator, NB

The stories we hear from students, staff and program coordinators truly demonstrate the impact that nutrition programs have on the lives of the children we help serve.

We are grateful for what we have accomplished together in 2015.  When a child goes to school hungry, it is very difficult for them to stay focused and learn. Breakfast for Learning is helping children and youth across Canada to ensure that they attend school ready for success.

Thank you to all of the donors and supporters who help make this transformation possible. We are excited about the work that lies ahead and what we can accomplish together in 2016! 



This holiday season, you can Give a Gift that Nourishes, which will have a meaningful impact on the lives of hungry children across Canada. By purchasing a gift that nourishes, you are helping to provide healthy meals and snacks to children who need it the most. Simply visit our Give a Gift that Nourishes catalogue, chose a gift from the selection, select a personalized card for the recipient of your gift, and make a difference!

A $25 gift will help provide fresh fruit, and $100 gift will help nourish hungry students by putting milk on the table at school breakfast, lunch and snack programs.

The dairy grant has been exceptionally successful.  I wish that donors could see the lineup of students that gather around when we serve milk in the morning.  Many of our students have serious dental issues at early ages due to the lack of dairy intake and the consumption of high sugar juices”.

 -Teacher, AB


With a little bit of creativity and love, there are plenty of holiday treats you can compose with healthy foods! Below is a fun and easy recipe that your children can bring to any holiday party or sleepover!

Ingredients: Grape Elf.PNG



Green Grapes

Cream cheese



  1. Slice stem off of strawberries.
  2. Cut Banana in slices.
  3. Poke toothpick through strawberry, with point of strawberry at top. Add banana and then grape.
  4. Add a dab of cream cheese to the top of strawberry.
  5. Continue with remaining fruits.


For more holiday recipe ideas, please visit our Nutrition Corner at 



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