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Breakfast for Learning E-Newsletter: November 2014

kidsfruit.png.jpgA LASTING IMPACT

We recently received the following letter from a secondary school teacher and wanted to share it with you.  It is stories like this that show the true impact of what your support is accomplishing across Canada each school day. Thanks to you, thousands of children and youth are receiving the nourishment they need to fuel their bodies and minds.

“Dear Breakfast for Learning,

It only takes a look into a child’s eyes and face and to know you have made a difference. One story that will be with me forever, is a student who came to me with very open eyes and a small tear and said “thank you, I have not eaten in two days because we had no food at home.” Then he said, “I think I am ready for classes now because my stomach does not ache.”  His whole face showed relief! It warmed my heart to know I made a difference in this child and I want to share that Breakfast for Learning made a big difference in this child - you gave us the opportunity to give a hungry boy food for his soul. Thank you for making a difference- this is only one story of many- know that without your contribution we could not make their hunger go away but now we are feeding their empty stomachs.  Thank you!!”

-   Port Hardy, British Columbia 



This season you can give a gift that will make a meaningful difference for hungry children across Canada. By making a special holiday donation to Breakfast for Learning, you can help provide healthy meals and snacks to the children who need it most.

A donation of $75 will provide a child with a nutritious breakfast and healthy lunch at school for one month or $250 will provide healthy snacks to a class of hungry students for an entire week.

When you purchase a gift that nourishes, you can even personalize your gift for a loved one, a teacher or a friend, and send them an eCard. Whatever amount you give, you are part of a growing community of Canadians who are helping to end child hunger and support student success one meal at a time.

Please see our gift giving catalogue for more information or donate now.

Thank you for your support of student nutrition programs in Canada.


reindeer.jpgWith the holiday season upon us, you can make healthy snacks that are fun, festive and give children the nourishment they need to do their best at school. With a little creativity, there are so many holiday treats you can create with healthy foods! Here’s a fun and easy recipe that your children can bring to their class holiday party:


Bran Muffins
Chocolate chips
Red Smarties
Cream cheese


  1. Break pretzels so that they resemble antlers.  Poke through top of muffin.
  2. Place two dabs of cream cheese on top of muffin for eyes.
  3. Put one chocolate chip in each dab of cream cheese.
  4. Finish face by placing a red Smartie in the middle of the muffin to resemble a nose.

For more holiday recipe ideas, please visit our Nutrition Corner at


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